NBA G-League's NBA G-League Player Chance Comanche Confesses to Involvement in Grisly Murder Plot with Ex-GirlfriendChance Comanche Admits to Murdering Sex Worker With His Ex-Girlfriend?!

NBA G-League's NBA G-League Player Chance Comanche Confesses to Involvement in Grisly Murder Plot with Ex-GirlfriendChance Comanche Admits to Murdering Sex Worker With His Ex-Girlfriend?!

NBA G-League Player Confesses to Shocking Murder and Twisted Plot

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In a chilling revelation, an NBA G-League player, Chance Comanche, has reportedly confessed to a heinous crime—brutally taking the life of a young Nevada woman and ensnaring her in a sinister "kinky sex" trap involving another woman.

The heart-wrenching details of Comanche's alleged involvement in the tragic demise of Marayna Rodgers were laid bare in a gripping FOX 5 Vegas report, casting a shadow over the basketball world. Las Vegas police have pointed fingers at Comanche and his accomplice, 19-year-old Sakari Harnden, accusing them of ruthlessly orchestrating a murder plan against the 23-year-old victim.

The arrest of Comanche and Harnden last week initially on kidnapping char

ges unfolded into a shocking revelation on Sunday when the police declared them "responsible for the murder" of Rodgers. The sinister plot began to take shape on Nov. 30, as disclosed by the station, drawing from Harden’s arrest report and unraveling a tale of darkness that leaves the reader in profound disbelief.

In a shocking turn of events, the Sacramento County, California, Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Bureau apprehended Chance Comanche on Friday at the Stockton Kings’ practice facility. Subsequently, the team took the drastic step of releasing the player, marking a severe fallout from the disturbing incident. Comanche was swiftly booked into jail later that day, setting the stage for a harrowing revelation.

During interrogation, Comanche divulged chilling details about the murder to detectives, as reported by FOX 5 Vegas. The narrative took a dark twist as Comanche disclosed his past relationship with co-conspirator Sakari Harnden, revealing that they dated over a year ago and, despite the breakup, remained amicable.

The sinister motive unfolded as Comanche asserted that Harnden faced threats from Marayna Rodgers over a Rolex watch, igniting the gruesome plot to eliminate her. In an attempt to involve others, Comanche texted a friend, but the plan fell through.

The twisted scheme materialized with Comanche proposing a staged encounter involving "kinky sex" to Rodgers, who agreed, thinking she would earn $1,000. Tragically, this led to her hands being zip-tied. The heinous act transpired as Comanche wrapped an HDMI cord around Rodgers' neck, with Harnden allegedly joining in the fatal assault. The gruesome aftermath involved dumping Rodgers' lifeless body in Henderson, concealed beneath rocks. This horrific account is a stark reminder of the depths of human darkness.

In a disturbing twist to the tragic saga, online jail records reveal that Sakari Harnden is now facing charges including open murder, buying/possessing/receiving stolen property, and a theft charge. Meanwhile, Chance Comanche finds himself detained in California without bail.

The unsettling timeline of events showcases Comanche's participation in a G League game against the G League Ignite in Henderson, Nevada, on Dec. 5—the very night before Marayna Rodgers went missing. Subsequently, the Kings took on the Rip City Remix in Portland on Dec. 7, with Comanche present for the game.

Comanche's basketball journey, tainted by the recent events, includes going undrafted from the University of Arizona and making a single NBA appearance with the Portland Trail Blazers during the 2022-2023 season. Over the past two seasons, he made 24 appearances for the Stockton Kings, contributing significantly with an average of 14 points, 7.0 rebounds, 1.2 assists, and 1.4 blocks per game.

This unfolding tragedy not only casts a shadow on the legal proceedings but also paints a somber picture of the athletic career of Chance Comanche.

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