Transgender Viral 'It's Ma'am!' Star Confronted by Father in Daughter's Restroom

Transgender Viral 'It's Ma'am!' Star Confronted by Father in Daughter's Restroom

A father confronted a man trying to enter his daughter’s public restroom — and viewers say the video shows the same man who went viral in 2019 after going berserk on someone in a GameStop store for calling him “sir” and repeatedly shouted, “It’s ma’am!”

“My daughter goes into those bathrooms, and no man needs to be in there. Do you understand me?” the father exclaimed while confronting the transgender individual, who responded by insisting, “I’m not a man.”

“You are a man, start acting like a man,” the father responded, to which the trans individual said, “Do something, bitch, give me a reason,” appearing to get aggressive.

The father reacted by reiterating, “You’re a man! Act like one!” adding, “Why are you acting this way? I’m a man. So are you.”

“No, I’m not,” the man in woman’s clothing responded, to which the father asked, “Then what are you?”

The apparent transgender individual then said, “I was born intersex, dude. In case you don’t know what that is, I was born with both.”

“Sir, you’re going to have a problem if you keep going into women’s bathrooms,” the father warned. “Somebody’s going to do something to you. I’m just telling you the truth.”

The father was confronting the trans individual who apparently went viral in 2019 after he had a public meltdown in a GameStop store over another person calling him “sir.”

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: IT IS MA'AM! Full Transgender Freakout Video - YouTube

“You’re going to give me my fucking money back,” the trans individual can be heard saying to a GameStop employee in the 2019 video, to which someone else in the store reacts by saying, “Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here, and you need to watch your mouth.”

“Excuse me, it’s ma’am!” the man in women’s clothing exclaims, before repeatedly shouting, “It’s ma’am!” in the store.



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